The major part of the identity design is seen on-screen - even the paper flow usually starts online as printouts of emails, PDF files, documents and images. Surely it is correct to regard the email as the most central element of identity...

Things are inextricably linked. Therefore, a successful identity design is largely screen-based. Internet, intranet, extranet - a website is no longer just an electronic catalogue, but rather the platform from which the majority of the identity-bearing communication springs.

Klint & Co has fully integrated advanced web development in the design work. Our web based identity designs emphasize three things: functionality (usability), form (aesthetics), and interactivity.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Using the newest responsive web technologies we ensure a seamless integration of websites on all platforms. Responsive means that the website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen - from smartphones to large, graphic screens. In other words, you only need one website to cover all platforms.




Responsive web design

We develop both static and dynamic websites separately or as part of the overall identity. In many cases the website is actually the primary instrument of the identity design both visually and via implemented user functionality. The whole idea behind the online identity is that the user gets added value.

The days are over where it was a must to develop different sites for different platforms.

  • Static websites
  • Dynamic web applications
  • Web administration and SEO


Ensuring happy users

Both as a part of our own and others' web identity solutions, we develop static and dynamic interactive elements for online use: from simple icons and buttons, to more advanced animations and interactive elements that support the functionality and help to make the identity lively and engaging.

Interactivity is what makes users happy - and come back.

  • Icons, buttons and animations
  • Flash-based elements
  • Interactive performance elements




On-screen identities

Online is not just the internet and we develop other forms of online presentations for both internal and external use. Such as promotional materials, teaching materials, mobile solutions and a series of other static and dynamic solutions that are designed for big and small screens.

We offer a wide range of screen graphics and animations - both for internet and non-internet use.

  • PowerPoint, CD catalogues
  • Screen-based info systems
  • Mobile solutions