Four generations of the Klint family have left their distinctive mark on Danish architecture and design; in short "Danish Design".

We believe that good designs and clear identities add value, differentiate and are the foundation of good market recognition, increased sales and lasting customer relationships - for companies, organizations or products/services.

Klint & Co offers extensive full-service graphic design solutions as well as single design elements - from idea to the finished product.

We focus on creating sustainable graphic elements that translate the "spirit" into a visually unique and durable identity design.

Our solutions are always strategically founded on our client's market strategies and market position and carried out in close co-operation with the client.

Our work typically includes: design of new logo/identity, modernization of current logo/identity, sign systems, brochures/catalogues, exhibitions materiel and packaging. We also design new or additional elements to an existing identity.




The center piece of the identity

We regard the logo as the center piece of a visual branding. It represents the heart and soul of the brand and therefore it should render itself easy to use and implement in many formats and media - including the use of the logo interactively.

The design of logotypes, headline fonts and alphabets is also a strong focus of our work. Either as fully new typefaces or as adjustments of existing typographies to meet specific needs.

In today's web-based communication with just a few web safe font options it is increasingly important to express a visual uniqueness through specially designed logotypes and headline fonts.

  • Logos
  • Logotype
  • Pictograms/symbols
  • Alphabets and typefaces


Identity in print

We believe that well designed print and publications differentiate and are another very important vehicle of good market recognition, increased sales and lasting customer relationships.

The work includes all elements of printed publications.

We can either supply fully finished projects incl. photographs/illustrations, copywriting, and print or just the setting up of texts/images after pre-defined templates and layouts. In other words, there are many options.

  • Brochures/catalogues
  • Print-ads/posters
  • Annual reports
  • Office templates
  • Stationery/forms
  • Sales material




Identity on packaging and spatials

Well designed packaging has a significant impact on the sale as the packaging is the final barrier between the consumer and the product at the moment, when the purchasing decision is most often made.

We design both individual packaging and packaging series either with an identity of their own or subordinated the company's overall visual identity.

We can take part in the decision making regarding choice of materials and production, if this is the client's wish, or we can develop the graphic design exclusively.

Every project - large or small - is tailor-made to the client's specific needs on company and/or product levels.

  • Packaging
  • Exhibitions
  • Car-deco
  • Profile-clothing
  • POS material


Also known as wayfinding...

Signage is an important part of a visual identity - whether it is a corporate identity level or the visual face of a city district.

We develop individual signs or full sign systems. We design the sign so it retains its primary function, but also fits its surroundings and has an own identity, which heightens the sign's aesthetic value.

  • Single signs
  • Sign systems
  • Information systems
  • Indoor/outdoor




Reviving the old

Klint & Co have a long tradition of restoration of design. From Naur Klint's restoration of Bindesbøll's HOF-label for Carlsberg, to Lars Klint's extensive work for several governmental and private organizations such as a re-design of the classical bronze typography "Frederik V", street signs for Amalienborg Royal Palace, the restoration of carved inscriptions in Fredensborg Royal Palace Gardens and restoration of the Sophus Berendsen Logo.

The work is conducted both on site and at the drawing board and includes a range of both unique original design craftsmanship skills and new methods to ensure a proper historic restoration.

  • Restoration of logos and identities
  • Restoration of all types of signs
  • Restoration of typefaces
  • Restoration of bronze and lapidary (carved) inscriptions